What is the Master Password functionality and how does it work?

The Master Password is a secondary method of drive authentication that is created and utilized by an administrator.  The Master Password is an optional feature that allows additional management functions by verifying that the individual is an authorized administrator for that particular USB Device. With the Master Password enabled, the administrator can use the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) to securely reset User Passwords.  The administrator also has the ability reset the User Password locally using the Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA) tool through a series of authentication processes.

What are the advantages of enabling Master Password functionality?

A key advantage of enabling the Master Password is the ability to remotely reset User Passwords using the Kanguru Remote Management Console.  A common scenario is a user who is located at a remote location or is traveling when they forget their device password.  The administrator can communicate with the device via KRMC and reset the device password for this remote user without data loss.  Any organization with remote or mobile users will quickly save time and cost for their help desk by using this functionality. A second advantage of enabling the Master Password is the ability to directly recover data from devices without the User Password.  This is particularly useful if a user leaves the organization and the User Password is no longer known.  The administrator can use the KLA tool, through a series of authentication processes, to access any data that is needed by the organization.

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